1 piece of 20S steel concealed Bracket M4 with allen bolts 90 degree corner 2020 profile


Material: mild steel
surface: chromed
Type: concealed Bracket
Thread: M4

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20S steel concealed Bracket

Where to use:
it is preferred to use where there is no clearance gap for connection then these can be used.
this is for fastening 2020 or 2040 profile at 90 degree angle. it requires 2 screws to fasten.

how to use:
insert one side in one profile and tight the screw with the driver, then insert second profile in the slot and tighten the second screw and you are done with joint.
Material: mild steel
Type: concealed Bracket
Thread: M4




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Weight 0.040 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm