Aluminium corner cube connector3 way for 2020 profile


Item: corner cube connector
Material: Aluminium alloy
Type: Cube connector (3 way)
Hole: 5mm

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20S Aluminium corner cube connector

Where to use
this is for fastening 3  2020 profile at 90 degree angle. usually used to connect 3 profiles while profiles do not overlap during connection. example to make cube frame only 1 will be used at each corner.
material: Aluminium alloy
surface: sand blasted
type: Cube connector (3 way)
hole: 5mm
Aluminium corner cube connector

Versatility and Strength of 20S Aluminium Corner Cube Connector

The 20S Aluminium corner cube connector is a versatile and efficient component, especially in construction and engineering projects. This connector facilitates the assembly and joining of aluminum extrusion profiles, making it an essential part of modular structural systems. Its unique corner cube design ensures a strong connection, allowing you to construct sturdy frameworks and structures. Whether you are building industrial workstations, shelving units, or even custom-designed machinery, the 20S Aluminium corner cube provides a reliable solution for creating robust and durable connections. Its compatibility with standard T-slot profiles makes it easy to integrate into existing systems, and this feature makes it a popular choice for those seeking flexibility.


The 20S Aluminium corner connector offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for professionals in various industries. Its lightweight aluminum construction ensures that it won’t add unnecessary weight to the overall structure while maintaining exceptional strength. The cube-shaped design provides multiple connection points, allowing for flexibility in the arrangement of structural components, which is particularly useful in applications that require adaptability and reconfiguration. This connector’s precise machining and design also ensure a snug and secure fit, reducing the need for additional fasteners or hardware.

Additionally, the 20S Aluminium corner cube  is often anodized to provide corrosion resistance and professional appearance. This protective coating ensures the connector’s long-term durability and aesthetic appeal, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. Whether you are working on an assembly line, a robotics project, or a customized storage solution, this connector’s reliability and ease of use are valuable assets that can help streamline your construction and engineering endeavors.

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