1 piece of 30 series Sliding T nuts M5 for 3030 profile


Type: Sliding T nuts

Thread: M5

Surface: galvanized
material: Mild steel

200 in stock


30S Sliding Nut

30S sliding Nut is used to fasten equipment on 30 series slot. these slots are commonly present on 3030 T slots.

Thread: M5

Surface: galvanized
material: Mild steel

30S sliding Nut

The 30S sliding nut streamlines fastening tasks, offering efficiency in various industries, simplifying installations, maintenance, and repairs for improved productivity.

The Versatile Benefits of the 30S Sliding Nut

The 30S sliding nut plays a vital role in various mechanical systems. Engineers meticulously designed it to simplify the process of securing fasteners while ensuring adaptability for different applications. This innovative nut boasts a reputation for its versatility and ease of use, rendering it an indispensable tool in numerous industries, including automotive and industrial machinery, where the demand for quick and straightforward fastening solutions is high.

The sliding nut offers paramount advantages due to its flexibility, enabling swift and hassle-free movement and adjustment along the threaded rod. This adaptability proves particularly beneficial in dynamic settings where precise positioning becomes imperative. Engineers, technicians, and workers across industries appreciate the simplicity and efficiency it brings to their projects.

Streamlining Installation and Maintenance

This nut empowers engineers and technicians to efficiently optimize their projects, thanks to its user-friendly design. The 30S sliding nut simplifies the secure attachment of components, streamlining assembly tasks, and significantly reducing production times. Its ease of use ensures that workers can complete tasks swiftly and confidently, contributing to improved overall productivity.

Furthermore, the 30S sliding nut revolutionizes maintenance and repairs. In such scenarios, the nut’s user-friendly features simplify the disassembly and replacement of parts, saving both time and effort. This directly results in reduced downtime and enhanced operational efficiency, which proves to be a boon for any industry.

In conclusion, the  sliding nut represents a versatile and practical solution that enhances productivity and efficiency across a wide range of industries. Its active voice design and user-friendly features make it an indispensable tool, offering a seamless transition between positions and simplifying the installation, maintenance, and repair processes. Whether you’re in the automotive, industrial, or any other sector, the  sliding nut becomes the key to enhanced productivity, reduced downtime, and overall operational excellence. Its impact on industries is profound, making it an invaluable asset for engineers and technicians striving for efficient and effective fastening solutions.

30S sliding Nut


The 30S sliding nut, a crucial component in multiple mechanical systems, simplifies the process of securing fasteners and ensures adaptability for various applications. Designed for ease of use, it allows for seamless transitions between different positions and quick installation, offering a versatile solution for different industries, from automotive to industrial machinery. Engineers and technicians can efficiently optimize their projects with this nut, as it facilitates secure component attachment and streamlines assembly tasks, reducing production times. Furthermore, the  sliding nut makes maintenance and repairs a breeze, as its user-friendly features simplify disassembly and parts replacement, saving time and effort and reducing downtime. In conclusion, the sliding nut is a versatile and practical solution that enhances productivity and efficiency in various industries, providing a smooth transition between positions during installation, maintenance, and repair processes.

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