1 piece of 40S Sliding Nut M6 for 4040 profile


Type: Sliding T nuts

Thread: M6

Surface: galvanized
material: Mild steel

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40S Sliding Nuts

40S Sliding Nut is used to fasten equipment on 40 series slot. these slots are commonly present on 4040 and 4080 T slots.

Thread: M6

Surface: galvanized
material: Mild steel

Versatile Precision in 40S Sliding Nut

The 40S Sliding Nut serves as a versatile and essential component for numerous applications, gaining recognition for its adaptability, precision, and durability. Craftsmen meticulously create these nuts to offer seamless motion and precise positioning across a wide range of settings. Whether in industrial automation, woodworking, or DIY projects, the  Sliding Nut actively contributes to ensuring smooth and accurate movement.

The Sliding Nut offers a key advantage with its effortless adjustability. It simplifies the process of fine-tuning and aligning components, which professionals and hobbyists favor. The precision engineering of these nuts ensures they actively enhance the overall efficiency of any system.

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With its high-quality design, the 40S Sliding Nut provides a robust and dependable solution for your linear motion needs. It actively improves the performance of machinery and equipment, thanks to its reliable construction and precision fit. These nuts are designed for simplicity and ease of use, making them a valuable addition to any project.

In conclusion, the  Sliding Nut is an indispensable element for applications demanding precise and smooth linear motion. Its adaptability, durability, and active role in improving system performance make it the preferred choice for those seeking efficient and reliable solutions. Elevate your projects with the versatility of the Sliding Nut, ensuring your equipment and machinery operate seamlessly and accurately.

The 40S Sliding Nut stands as a versatile asset for applications that require precise linear motion. Its effortless adjustability simplifies alignment and fine-tuning, serving professionals and hobbyists alike. This high-quality nut actively enhances the efficiency of machinery and equipment, ensuring robust and reliable performance. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, it’s a valuable addition to any project, enhancing precision and smooth motion for improved outcomes. Choose the  Sliding Nut for a durable and dependable solution that actively improves your system’s performance.

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